I’m sure you’ve heard of many diet plans and weight loss programs, and I’m sure several of you have tried them with no success. Perhaps some of you tried them, got results, but in time went right back to where you started. I’m not going to sit here and bash these programs because a lot of them have produced great results for the people who have tried them. Take the P90X programs, many people have had a tremendous amount of success with these programs, and there’s a reason. Not only is the program good, but it’s a program that creates structure for the user. Yes, the workouts are great, and there is a variety of cross training involved. However, for 90 days you’ve got everything laid out in front of you, and all you have to do is follow it, no thinking involved. The program consists of a nutrition guide, fitness plan, calendar, and series of DVDs demonstrating a variety of techniques. Just push “play” follow the workout and nutrition guide, and “Bam” 90 days later you’ve made some improvements. On the other hand, what happens after 90 days? This is where so many people fall apart. You bust your ass, follow a program, start feeling better, lose some weight, and then somewhere along the way you become lost.

Then eventually you relinquish your structure completely and it’s over. Sound familiar? Well, you’re going to learn how to take that structure beyond 90 days, and make it a permanent addition to your life. One of the first things you need to know about structure is…it’s your structure. Everyone’s structure is different, and trying to lay out your game plan the way someone else does, could set you up for failure. You have to find your happy mediums with exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Following someone else’s exercise plan or diet because they look awesome, or they just recently lost a bunch of weight, is a quick way to disappointment. Let’s start with your diet, because nutrition is the most important part on the road to getting in shape……READ MORE