When I decided to write this book, I had one thing in mind. Write a book that will not only educate people on how to get in shape, but more importantly a book that will teach them to stay in shape. The sad fact is about half of those who start a new exercise or diet program, abandon it within three to six months. The reasons vary, some say it’s taking too long, others complain about being hungry or that they miss their favorite foods. Then there are those that just hate exercising, and let’s not forget about the ones that bitch and moan that nothing has worked for them. The first four chapters of this book taught you about Structure, Consistency, Habits (Bad and Good), and Overcoming Obstacles. Combining what you have learned from these earlier chapters will be pertinent in helping you to create and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Remember, you need to know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, you must feel passionate about your goals, and you need a solid realistic plan of action. These are the elements which distinguish your goals from your dreams…..READ MORE